LeadsRX Unveils Insights Service Designed To Streamline Attribution Processes

Published: April 3, 2020

LeadsRx, a multitouch marketing attribution software, launched LeadsRx Insights, a service designed to help customers dig into client attribution data to develop a marketing attribution game plan with actionable insights designed to maximize the return on ad spend (ROAS).


LeadsRx Insights uses attribution data scientists to assist or handle attribution reporting, allowing businesses to focus on translating findings into usable data. The service also aims to optimize marketing and advertising campaigns by providing analytics and recommendations.


The company primarily targets mid-to-large marketing organizations that spend $50k or more a month across multiple advertising channels.


LeadsRx integrates with Salesforce, Livechat, Pipedrive and Drift.

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Companies that rely on other CRM and ERP systems can also integrate LeadsRx into their system using Zapier or LeadRx’s Open Attribution API program.


Pricing varies based on the number of advertising channels owned, the extent of the asked research and frequency.


LeadsRx aims to be a resource for clients that need assistance delving into reported data, various systems and databases. In doing this, the company aims to create more attribution experts through cooperation, allowing users to eventually provide insights into customer intelligence and industry trends on their own.


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