LiveChat Aims To Power Customer Service, Marketing Teams With New Chatbot Features

Published: January 28, 2019

LiveChat offers live chat and help desk software for businesses. Through a new integration with the company’s other product, ChatBot, it has released new chatbot capabilities designed to help marketers and custom service managers better manage their relationships with customers.


The integration aims to enable LiveChat users to create bots that can mix and match text, images, buttons and quick replies to show off products and services accordingly in customer conversations.

Additional features include:

  • Transfer: If a task requires human’s attention, it can be transferred from a chatbot to an agent. A user can also customize when the transfer occurs and decide what happens after working hours.
  • Ticket: A bot can generate a ticket in the LiveChat application during a conversation. The ticket can then be further managed by the customer service team.
  • Transcript: Users can enable bots to automatically send an email with the full transcript of their conversation, providing insight into what is happening between customers and chatbots.
  • Goals: Adding LiveChat goals to bot scenarios makes it possible to collect information about successful purchases, satisfying support and page views.
  • Tags: Using tags to automatically label ongoing conversations based on their progression allows users to keep organized archives.


The tool is designed to help marketers and customer service managers responsible for creating chatbots and handling marketing communication. ChatBot is aimed at not-tech-savvy users, so all its built-in features are easy to use and do not require any programming.

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LiveChat Marketplace currently offers more than 100 integrations, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack and Messenger.


Pricing is based on “seats,” or the number of agents that can log in at one time. More pricing information is available here.


LiveChat customers include Adobe, Cloudify, Americommerce and more.


By integrating LiveChat with ChatBot, the company aims to provide marketing and customer service teams with enhanced chatbots that can act as another agent and are able to carry out tasks just as the agent would, including creating tickets, tagging conversations and more.


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