LookBookHQ Launches Intelligent Content Platform

Published: July 3, 2017

The LookBookHQ Intelligent Content Platform is designed to help marketers maintain buyer attention by recommending relevant content based on past behavior while tracking how much content is being consumed to gain better insights into buyer intent.


The LookBookHQ Intelligent Content Platform features:

  • Buyer-centric content experiences, developed via artificial intelligence, aimed to help identify the next best content and encourage buyers to self-nurture at their own pace;
  • Analytics that show what happened on the destination side of the click or form fill;
  • A content library that houses existing content, which users can deploy and track across channels including email, social, ads, websites and resource centers; and
  • LookBookHQ Webhooks integrations with marketing automation platforms that alert sales teams when prospects self-nurture on multiple content assets.


LookBookHQ serves demand generation marketing leaders at enterprise technology companies who want to understand how campaigns are performing to increase conversion rates, accelerate buying cycles and identify better-qualified prospects.


LookBookHQ’s Webhooks integrate with marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, and Pardot to make content engagement data actionable by alerting sales when prospects self-nurture on multiple content assets. LookBookHQ also integrates with third-party data platforms to de-anonymize traffic and enhance customers’ account-based marketing capabilities.  

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LookBookHQ customers can choose from a range of annual subscription packages that best align with their needs. Pricing for LookBookHQ’s SaaS platform is determined by which content delivery features, analytics, integrations, service level and add-ons are included in each package.


LookBookHQ customers include Cisco, Rockwell Automation, Thomson Reuters, TIBCO Software, Kareo, Qvidian and Appian Corporation.


The LookBookHQ Intelligent Content Platform is designed to deliver content engagement analytics that show B2B marketers what happened on the destination side of the click or form fill. It’s also content agnostic, omnichannel and powered by artificial intelligence. 


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