Lusha Launches Salesforce Data Enrichment Solution

Published: October 31, 2022

Lusha is a crowdsourced data community and sales intelligence platform that empowers B2B sales professionals to identify, engage and close qualified prospects. Salesforce Data Enrichment (SFDE) is an automated audience-based enrichment solution that enables users to enrich their Salesforce contact and company database with up-to-date data.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Lusha’s Salesforce Data Enrichment (SFDE) aims to enhance users’ Salesforce CRM with contact and company data so they can transform faulty and missing data into new business opportunities. This helps scale their business results with the most up-to-date and accurate CRM data enrichment. Notable features include:

  • Data-driven recommended templates to simplify the CRM data enrichment process;
  • The ability to create customized target audiences;
  • Rules and guidelines for your data enrichment, which are then automatically updated; and
  • Access to high-quality data backed up by Lusha’s 7 Trust-Filters™ to easily and fully access the leading B2B contacts and company data.

Who It’s For

The main beneficiaries of SFDE are Sales Operations Managers, but it can also serve heads of Sales Development Representatives, Business Development Representatives and Account Executives. Anybody who relies on data to craft targeted and effective B2B sales pitches can benefit.

What It Solves

A staggering 90% of Salesforce contacts in the average customer relationship management (CRM) are incomplete in some way. Poor quality data wastes time and money for businesses; SFDE aims to ensure high-quality, updated data to enrich users’ Salesforce CRM contacts.

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What Makes It Special

SFDE’s competitive advantage is providing direct access to Lusha’s extensive database of more than 100 million business profiles, 60 million email addresses, 50 million direct dials and 15 million company profiles.



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