Real-Time Data Insights With Elasticsearch

Published: December 3, 2014

Elasticsearch is an open source, distributed real-time search and analytics engine designed to help users turn recently acquired data into valuable insights.


The platform is positioned as a tool to help marketers analyze new data as it enters the database. The solution is also designed to help ensure that data is never lost due to conflicting changes from multiple processes. Elasticsearch also documents changes in transaction logs, on multiple nodes in a particular cluster, to minimize data loss.


Elasticsearch partners with data centers including:

  • Cisco;
  • Cloudera;
  • Concurrent;
  • DataBricks; and
  • Hortonworks.


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$1,000 per year for monitoring of the first five nodes.

Competitive Positioning

Elasticsearch helps users gain the insights they need in a matter of seconds. Real-time insights into data helps users stay up to date, and also increases productivity and efficiency.

The solution is designed to grow with the user’s business. It is built to scale horizontally out of the box. As more nodes are added, the cluster reorganizes itself to take advantage of the extra hardware.

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