SalesPredict Offers Predictive Scoring For Demand Generation

Published: March 29, 2016

SalesPredict uses predictive scoring and insights to help B2B marketers identify target audiences, positioning users to fill their pipeline with net-new accounts and sales leads.


SalesPredict is a SaaS solution available on Salesforce AppExchange, and is designed to enable marketers to drive more revenue by providing predictive scores for their current leads and accounts, insights into the factors behind the scores and automated segmentation. using those scores and insights.

The newest offering within the solution is Predictive Demand Gen, which allows marketers to purchase a set of net-new, predictively scored leads or accounts from SalesPredict that is collected with the help of SalesPredict’s data partners. With the help of predictive analytics, customers’ CRM and marketing automation data, as well as outside data sources and open web, users are positioned to score their leads/accounts, get insights and discover their ideal customer profile. This profile is designed to help SalesPredict deliver net-new leads or accounts that are a close match and have a higher propensity to buy.

SalesPredict plans to expand these capabilities to include an automated process for launching ABM campaigns to targeted segments through a variety of ad network partners.


SalesPredict is targeted toward leaders of demand generation or marketing at B2B companies, particularly those in the SaaS, technology or financial services markets.  

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SalesPredict is fully integrated with Salesforce (available on the AppExchange) and Oracle CRM, as well as Marketo, Pardot and Eloqua. An API is available for other CRM and marketing automation system integrations.


Pricing for predictive scoring and insights is based upon the number of leads/accounts to be scored, and SalesPredict Predictive Demand Gen is offered on a CPL basis. Pricing starts at $20k.


With SalesPredict, users are positioned to see the factors behind their predictive scores and gain insight into why certain leads and accounts are better than others. This helps marketers identify untapped micro-segments and target their demand gen more effectively and builds trust with the sales team. SalesPredict also provides a unique predictive model for each customer that builds itself and auto-tunes as conditions change. SalesPredict is a secure predictive solution, having earned ISO 27001 data security certification.


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