Showpad’s EOS™ Aims To Align Marketing/Sales, Enhance CX

Published: January 18, 2023

Founded in 2011, Showpad offers an Enablement Operating System (eOS™) that aims to align sales and marketing teams around impactful content and measurable engagement, enabling sellers to build unique buying experiences and continuously improve conversion rates.

The Lowdown

Showpad eOS™ is designed to align sales and marketing teams around impactful content, powerful training and strategic insights — giving organizations the flexibility to turn their unique go-to-market strategies into competitive differentiators. With eOS™, the choice is amplified and organizations can deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Showpad eOS™ intends to provide foundational functionality to optimize buyer interactions through:

  • Sales Content Management, enabling revenue teams to operate from a single source of truth for all sales content, improving content relevance and quality;
  • Seller Effectiveness, providing sellers with the tools, knowledge and best practices to position themselves as trusted advisors with scalable training, coaching and guided selling;
  • Buyer Engagement, elevating every interaction through a unified platform where sellers and buyers can collaborate via personalized communication channels and modern storytelling formats; and
  • Analytics and Insights, delivering actionable insights throughout the buying journey, resulting in more relevant content, targeted coaching and tailored engagements.

The open and scalable nature of Showpad eOS™ is designed to allow for endless customization through seamless integrations, powerful apps and a partner ecosystem of 100 partners.

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Who It’s For

Showpad supports hybrid sales teams across the globe across a diverse range of industries. The value of Showpad eOS™ is that it brings together sales, marketing and enablement teams to operate from one complete system in order to enhance every buyer interaction and drive increased conversion rates.

What It Solves

Showpad eOS™ allows revenue teams to:

  • Streamline content chaos by aligning teams around a single-source-of-truth for content;
  • Deliver on heightened buyer expectations by equipping sellers with the training and experiences to better engage buyers; and
  • Improve content quality through powerful analytics.

What Makes It Special

Showpad eOS™ is said to be the most complete and flexible operating system for every customer-facing team. It aims to unite teams in one reliable, always-accessible homebase to deliver holistic solutions for every enablement challenge and support flexible customization for any business’ unique go-to-market needs.


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