SMTP Launches Email Suppression Tool For List Management, Compliance Resources

Published: February 13, 2012 a global service provider of cloud-based messaging and email delivery, recently launched an email Suppression tool for its Ecosystem Service Delivery platform. The tool is designed to enhance visibility to the status and results of customers’ email sending, delivery and recipient feedback to messages.  Obtaining feedback on recipient behavior regarding bounces and complaints is critical to maintaining compliant sending practices and brand reputation.

“The most valuable metric for Internet email marketing investment is in effective delivery, which is the core element of’s business and exemplified in this latest offering,” noted Semyon Dukach, CEO, SMTP.’s Suppression Tool empowers our customers to self-police the quality of their respective contact and mailing lists, which consequently translates into improved delivery and overall campaign results for Senders.  Accurate, effective email suppression is an invaluable resource for advertisers, direct and email marketers as it ensures that certain contacts do not receive a specific mailing or communications, which consequently helps senders maintain CAN-SPAM compliance while respecting the privacy and rights of recipients.”

SMTP works across a variety of sizes in 150 countries. SMTP recently reported a 70% increase in net revenue for Q3 2011.

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