Social Intelligence With Insightpool

Published: May 19, 2015

Insightpool is a social marketing platform designed to increase social media engagement with anonymous prospects within target audiences. The solution also positions marketers to produce personalized social campaigns that can nurture prospects through the buyer’s journey.


The solution’s social algorithm is designed to analyze social media accounts across thousands of variables to identify new leads and match social leads to leads existing within the user’s database.

The solution can also help users qualify leads by providing deep insights into the prospect’s social behavior, highlighting signals that identify leads as high-value opportunities — and ultimately boost sales productivity.


The solution integrates with the Marketo marketing automation platform.

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Competitive Positioning

The solution comes with predictive capabilities, positioning users to understand which social prospects are most likely to take a desired action — such as fill out a form or engage with a piece of content.

This insight can then be used to launch targeted nurture campaigns through social media channels. These campaigns can be measured to understand how target audiences are engaging with the brand, and can also be leveraged by sales teams to enhance conversations with leads after they have been passed along by marketing.

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