SugarCRM Implements Sentiment Analysis Tool To Capture Intent Insights Across Buyer Journeys

Published: October 11, 2021

SugarCRM enhanced its SugarPredict platform’s AI capabilities with Sentiment Analysis, a feature designed to help users understand their customer and prospects’ level of intent and enhance their B2B sales and service interactions for positive deal outcomes.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Sentiment Analysis uses SugarPredict’s AI and natural language processing (NLP) abilities to analyze buying intent and map out customer sentiment throughout their journeys. Users can implement this intent data in various stages of the buyer’s journey to craft engaging experiences that address potential buyer issues and challenges before they happen.

These insights can help teams remain aware of changes in an ongoing deal’s status, giving them time to prepare their next-best action based on their buyers’ levels of interest, goals and the channels they live in. Team supervisors can also leverage journey analytics to measure their team’s effectiveness and continuously improve their engagement programs to meet their buyer expectations.

Who It’s For

The analysis tool is designed for B2B marketing, sales and customer service teams that seek to manage buyer interactions at every stage of their buyers’ journeys and remove roadblocks to customer success.

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What Makes It Special

Sentiment Analysis is embedded in SugarCRM’s omnichannel customer communications tool SugarLive, which allows users to capture intent insights from various channels efficiently to better deliver on individual customer needs.


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