Uberflip Enhances Analytics Tool With ‘Enrichment’ Capability

Published: January 4, 2022

Uberflip Enrichment is an enhanced offering within Uberflip Analytics that seeks to provide customers with buyer-level content insights.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

While Uberflip customers always had access to powerful content engagement and performance analytics, the buyers behind that data were previously anonymous. Enrichment is designed to go deeper, leveraging an integration with the customer’s marketing automation platform to deliver information such as a buyer’s name, location, company details, lead status and more.

With the new Enrichment capability, customers can also view details about how their targeted accounts are interacting with content, which helps them craft better content and distribution paths.

Who It’s For

This solution is available to Uberflip customers who also use Marketo. Development is underway to release the capability to Eloqua, HubSpot and Pardot users.

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What It Solves

Enrichment is created for enterprise B2B organizations that have struggled to form a clear picture of their target buyers, as well as understand how those buyers engage with the content they create along the buyer’s journey. With these deeper analytics, teams are empowered to achieve both and adjust their strategies based on data to improve results.

What Makes It Special

According to Uberflip, the depth of insight that Enrichment delivers has never been available before and gives organizations a new level of understanding about their buyers and how they engage with content. Instead of viewing buyer information in generalities, teams can identify the individuals themselves within target accounts and market segments. They can also access their locations and other details that allow them to truly understand the impact their content is having on the buyer’s journey and use those insights to tailor content and distribution methods for a buyer’s exact needs.


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