Using Social Media Data To Drive Marketing Strategy With Unmetric

Published: November 17, 2015

Unmetric is a social intelligence platform designed to help users understand the competitive landscape of their industry, uncover insights based on data and develop new social strategies.


Unmetric pulls data from the popular social networks, filters it and applies algorithms. This process, paired with insights from a team of data analysts, aims to provide clients with intelligence about their social media and larger marketing efforts.

The solution provides a variety of tools within its core social intelligence platform to help brands measure their activities and benchmark against competitors. The three core functionalities of the platform include:

  • Compare: Allows brands to benchmark their social content against direct competitors or other brands;
  • Analyze: Allows brands to analyze in depth the individual posts and larger social strategies of other brands; and
  • Ideate: Provides brands with inspiration for creating engaging content, all based on data.

Targeted Users

CMOs, content marketers/creators and social media analysts.

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Unmetric is a member of the Twitter Certified Program and has partnerships with Kantar Media, social@ogilvy and SHIFT open marketing cloud.


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Competitive Positioning

Unmetric positions marketers to go beyond vanity metrics and dig deep into content tactics that inform smarter strategies. A few of its offerings that set Unmetric apart include:

  • Sense: A mobile app that allows marketers to stay on top of their competitors anywhere, anytime;
  • Paid Post Detection: A product feature that surfaces the paid or promoted posts of competing brands with 96% accuracy;
  • Inspire: A social media search engine that allows marketers to enter in any term (e.g. Thanksgiving, Super Bowl) and instantly see related brand content and engagement performance;
  • Campaign analysis: Achieved through a combination of advanced algorithms and a team of analysts who are actively identifying and tagging campaigns across different social networks; and
  • Predict: A predictive analytics engine that estimates how much user engagement your brand’s social post will generate and recommends ways to tweak it to get more.

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