ZoomInfo Releases ABM Platform That Aligns Teams In Unified System

Published: February 23, 2022

Driven by ZoomInfo’s unrivaled B2B data, MarketingOS aims to enable sales and marketing teams to work cohesively to convert leads into buyers, maximizing a previously untapped opportunity for collaboration and efficiency.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

MarketingOS is one of four platforms that comprise RevOS, ZoomInfo’s modern operating system for revenue professionals. A unified system for sales, marketing, operations and recruiting teams, RevOS aims to deliver the data, insights, software and integrations needed by businesses and professionals to achieve their growth potential in a new insight-driven era of digital selling.

SalesOS, OperationsOS and RecruitingOS, which are also available to customers, complete ZoomInfo’s RevOS. This system is designed to empower businesses to consistently engage with the right people at the right companies at the right time with relevant messages. RevOS features a unified login and app administration experience, with all apps and tools launched and managed from a single dashboard to give users at-a-glance information regarding their campaigns. Users can switch between applications effortlessly, allowing for seamless workflows between RevOS applications.

Who It’s For

MarketingOS helps demand generation and ABM teams target and convert leads into buyers through insight-driven orchestration and personalized engagement across multiple channels, including display and social advertising, email, SMS and more. MarketingOS also turns websites into digital storefronts — through enriched forms, unique visitor tracking and human-first chat experiences — to help improve on-site conversion and tighten the relationship with sales.

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What It Solves

Marketers typically fail because the data in most ABM platforms is both inaccurate and incomplete. Current ABM solutions are designed to leverage companies’ own first-party data, which exists in their customer relationship management or marketing automation systems. Without quality data, marketers pour advertising dollars at the wrong prospects and companies, and, as a result, deliver fruitless leads to sales and waste time and resources. With ZoomInfo’s best-in-class data and intelligence at its foundation, MarketingOS enables marketers to effectively reach target accounts and drive qualified leads for sales.

What Makes It Special

Using MarketingOS, marketers can run display and social advertising campaigns through ZoomInfo’s proprietary demand-side platform and social integrations to target specific professionals, job titles, levels or functions at in-market accounts exhibiting buyer intent. MarketingOS also features an in-market predictive score that is designed to rank where prospects are in their buying journeys, informing how and when marketers should engage with prospects based on their ranking and helping them to prioritize their outbound efforts on prospects who are most likely to convert.

Additionally, MarketingOS gives teams ongoing monitoring of their entire universe of prospect and customer accounts, helps them cleanse and manage their marketing database effectively and surfaces the best audiences based on fit, intent and engagement. With ZoomInfo’s unparalleled contact data and intelligence, hyper-targeted campaigns can engage high-value accounts and buyers based on ideal customer criteria using 300-plus company attributes that reveal timely business needs and insights.




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