Account-Based Marketing

This section covers the latest tools, trends and strategies B2B marketers are leveraging to focus marketing and sales efforts on high-value accounts and increase closed deals.

Terminus Unveils New ABM Platform Capabilities For Targeting & Engagement

Terminus has revealed new updates to its ABM platform that aim to help B2B marketers combine more data sources, automate outreach and improve current account-based reporting capabilities. Features include new ad automation, native intent data features and advanced conversion tracking capabilities designed to enhance account targeting and engagement.

5 Must Haves To Maximize Account-Based Experiences

In this era of digital transformation, it has become clear that people buy experiences, not products. Account-based marketing (ABM), a method traditionally focused on the accounts that will drive the most revenue, is picking up steam, and it’s proving to be an effective B2B marketing strategy to generate revenue and…

Demandbase Adds Service Providers To Its ABM Ecosystem

Demandbase has added service providers to the next phase of its ABM Ecosystem, which the company launched in May 2019. The goal of the ecosystem is to bring together best-of-breed B2B technologies and service providers to leverage data-driven insights on account-based audiences across channels.​

Listen Up! The B2B Marketing Exchange Podcast Is Here

via GIPHY   You’ve probably already heard about Demand Gen Report’s premiere marketing event, the B2B Marketing Exchange, from your peers and colleagues. You might have even attended in the past — or, better yet, are already registered for the 2020 event. But what if I told you that you don’t have to wait until February 2020 to get your yearly dose of #B2BMX content?

6sense Unveils Account-Based Retargeting Tool

6sense has released Account-Based Retargeting, which aims to help sales and marketing teams create personalized experiences for prospects across all channels. As part of 6sense’s Account-Based Orchestration Platform, the tool is designed to create audiences in Google Ads, Display & Video 360 and other similar platforms using the platform’s predicted…

Engagio Releases Solution To Automate High-Impact Plays Across Channels

Engagio has launched Orchestrate, a solution designed to enable automated, high-impact plays across advertising, sales engagement, direct mail, CRM and marketing automation channels. The account-based marketing solution aims to help teams target accounts at each point of the buying journey to build audiences for personalized campaign efforts.
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