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Interactive Marketing Strategies

This section covers the methods and strategies B2B marketers are using to start a dialogue with prospective buyers through their marketing initiatives.

Do Emojis Work In B2B?

First there was direct-mail marketing, then came video and mobile marketing – and now we’re in the era of emojis. Emoji marketing isn’t just here, it’s here to stay. If you’ve already seen some emojis popping up in your inbox or taking over social channels, prepare to see even more.

Drift Launches Email Platform With Chatbot Messaging Capabilities

Drift, a conversational marketing platform, announced the launch of its email platform designed to help businesses turn email marketing into web traffic. The platform positions marketers to connect emails to their website, where chatbots offer personalized messages to visitors based on email engagement data.

Oracle Introduces Adaptive Intelligent Apps And AI-Powered Bots

Oracle has announced the launch of new artificial intelligence (AI) apps for marketing and sales professionals. Called Adaptive Intelligent Apps, and built into the existing Oracle Cloud applications, the features are designed to simplify the decision-making process and drive more efficiency among business professionals across the organization.  
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