Interactive Marketing Strategies

This section covers the methods and strategies B2B marketers are using to start a dialogue with prospective buyers through their marketing initiatives.

4 Ways To Use Interactive Content For Marketing Automation

Every marketing automation manager I know is an obsessive A/B tester. There are hundreds of factors you can optimize within your automation efforts: segmentation, template design, sending cadence, subject lines, sender names, email copy … the list goes on. But there’s one key component of marketing automation that often gets…

Content And Data Fuel B2B Inbound Marketing Strategies

Industry experts report that B2B marketers are tackling their inbound marketing initiatives with the help of relevant, contextual content to provide B2B buyers the information they need to move along their buying journey. Ultimately, these data-driven clues position B2B sales teams with leads that are most likely to convert.

SnapApp Raises $12M To Enhance Platform, Expand Team

SnapApp received $12 million in Series A funding, which the company plans to use to accelerate development of its platform for creating, publishing, managing and measuring interactive content. The company also anticipates using the funding — led by Providence Equity Partners — to expand its team.
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