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Demand Generation

Demand generation encompasses the process of identifying, approaching and engaging prospects. This section highlights how B2B companies are leveraging inbound and outbound marketing tools and strategies to accelerate the buying cycle.

Demandbase Announces New Executive Hires

Demandbase, a go-to-market (GTM) company, hired Kelly Hopping as its new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Michael Wilczak as Chief Strategy & Development Officer. Hopping succeeds Jon Miller, who’s transitioning into the role of Chief Evangelist at Demandbase while he lays the groundwork for his next venture as a startup CEO.

Gupshup Debuts Domain-Specific Generative AI LLMs

Enterprise conversational AI developer Gupshup introduced a set of large language models (LLMs) designed for specific business uses and industries. The new ACE LLMs leverage third-party foundation models, like Meta’s Llama 2 and OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo, to assist enterprise development of conversational generative AI.

Banzai Launches Certified Partner Program, a marketing technology company that provides data-driven marketing and sales solutions, released its Certified Partner Program, which serves B2B agencies with an opportunity to grow their business via the Banzai platform.

StormAI By Stormboard Aims To Leverage AI To Streamline Workflow Collaboration

Stormboard is a data-first collaboration workflow platform designed to help teams work smarter and achieve better outcomes across in-office and hybrid teams. Its whiteboard capabilities work to turn unstructured human interactions into information-rich, collaborative workspaces, enabling data-backed decisions and efficient processes that save customers countless hours and dollars. With its…
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