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Demand Generation

Demand generation encompasses the process of identifying, approaching and engaging prospects. This section highlights how B2B companies are leveraging inbound and outbound marketing tools and strategies to accelerate the buying cycle.

Kicking B2B marketing insights into action

Source: Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of MathMarketing, writes... At the end of day 2 at DemandCon, B2B marketing attendees should have all the advice you need to create a truly excellent Funnel Plan. The trick will be applying what you have learnt when you return to your B2B…

11 Smart Inside Sales Trends For 2011

By Josiane Feigon, Founder & CEO, Telesmart CommunicationsWatch out — the Sales Sniper Pilots have landed. Inside sales organizations continue to grow at least 30% faster than their field counterparts. It’s no longer about having the best Salesforce — In 2011, it’s the lead development pilots who are revving up…

7 Key Metrics To Boost Lead Generation Results

Jenny Vance, President, LeadJen Managers of lead generation teams usually chart their success by looking at traditional metrics, such as number of attempts, number of connects and time spent on the phone. If the metrics are favorable, they probably feel pretty good about the job their team is doing. However,…
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