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Lead Scoring

Identifying leads that are most likely to convert is key to a productive sales and marketing relationship. This section highlights strategies for accurately scoring leads as they enter the buying cycle, as well as the latest the tools to predict which leads are most likely to close.

The 3 Marketing Reports CMOs Need

CMOs at B2B companies are responsible for driving predictable growth in addition to the traditional marketing and brand-building tasks they manage. Now more than ever, CMOs need reports that quantify the impact of marketing’s lead gen activities.

SugarCRM Unveils New AI Model For SugarPredict Platform

SugarCRM, a customer experience platform, enhanced the capabilities of its SugarPredict platform with artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. The updates seek to facilitate rapid and reliable marketing lead qualification and prioritization through AI-powered predictive lead scoring. CMO Jeanne Hopkins: ‘Customer Marketing Should Be The Meta’

Ongoing discussions around customer-centricity in the B2B world have led to an ever-important question: who should own the customer experience? Thought leaders throughout the industry say marketing is best positioned to own the customer experience, which can lead to unified messaging across all the major departments within a business.
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