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Lead Scoring

Identifying leads that are most likely to convert is key to a productive sales and marketing relationship. This section highlights strategies for accurately scoring leads as they enter the buying cycle, as well as the latest the tools to predict which leads are most likely to close.

Openprise Launches Data Orchestration Platform For Oracle

Openprise, a data orchestration platform for marketing and sales, has released a new data orchestration application for the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The Openprise Data Orchestration Platform is positioned to automate data management and marketing tasks, such as data onboarding, data cleansing, deduplication and lead and account scoring.

NetLine Corporation Adds New Lead Gen Features To Portal

NetLine Corporation, a content syndication and lead generation services provider, has announced new features for its Portal lead generation platform. The enhancements are designed to help self-serve and full-service clients optimize their lead generation campaigns with greater variation in content offerings and interactive traffic reports.

KiteDesk Enhances FIND Product With Lead Targeting By Technologies

KiteDesk is a sales prospecting software that enables salespeople to pursue leads using information such as lead data, email, phone, calendar and reports. The company recently upgraded its KiteDesk FIND product, which offers search capabilities designed to deliver faster and more comprehensive lead targeting with Tech Stack data.
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