How To Use Webinars To Create Brand Advocates

As part of your optimization efforts, you may want to consider focusing on how many users you can turn into brand advocates. Can you increase the number of customers who can either join you on a webinar or take part in a case study?

There are a few ways of identifying how many potential advocates you have. Sit down with your customer success team and, together, identify how many users could make compelling advocates for your product or service. Also, examine engagement and usage data in your CRM and any other metrics that can help you pinpoint potential advocates.

It’s important to create a list with more advocates than you need, as not everyone will be able to assist due to commitments at work and elsewhere.

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It’s Time To Get Emotional About B2B Marketing: Insights On Brand From Tom Stein

1tomsteinAnyone who watched the Superbowl ads saw a lot of raw emotion on display. B2B marketing is missing some of that passion, but it really doesn’t have to be bland.

Demand Gen Report recently sat down with Tom Stein, Chairman and Chief Client Officer of B2B branding agency Stein IAS, about how to bring some of that consumer sizzle to B2B branding. In this Q&A, Stein discussed the need for more brand messaging and storytelling in B2B marketing.

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Using Webinars to Build Experiences Everywhere

In early 2018, GDPR, the European Union’s data privacy regulation, went into effect, fundamentally changing how marketers approach European Union audiences both in the region and abroad. The fundamental change is this: marketers must market based on interest and intent, rather than spamming audiences with the same old invasive tactics, or face hefty fines.

GDPR is a direct response to spam, spam phone calls, aggressive social media ads and other tactics where marketers blast messages without bothering to learn what target audiences actually want to hear. It’s a law forcing marketers to do what they should’ve been doing in the first place: evolving the customer experience — from lead to prospect to advocacy — to match with the expectations of modern audiences.

Marketers need to take a step back to learn what audiences want to actually hear. To get this critical information and act on it, marketers need to provide permission-based interactive, unique experiences at each touchpoint of the buyer’s journey. A robust webinar ecosystem can help manage each aspect while gathering the data needed to improve the buyer’s journey.

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4 Practical Tips To Improve Customer Experiences At Every Interaction

Consumer brands have delivered excellent customer experiences for the past several years, with B2B brands trailing far behindToday,there is no excuse for B2B brands to offer similar experiences every single time they interact with a customer or prospect.

According to customer experience expert and industry keynote speaker Dan Gingiss, its vital for all businesses to assess how customers experience their brand at every interaction. Without that assessment, companies are positioned to leave revenue on the table.

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Cultural Branding: Why Our Marketing Team Sent A Photographer Around The World

adrian cohn

Cultural branding is a term most often used for consumer brands like Coca-Cola and Harley-Davidson, depicting a lifestyle that's culturally relevant to the brand audience. But is there something B2B software companies can learn from what these consumer brands do to attract consumers? New SaaS offerings pop up every day, and it’s important to say something different.

Using Engagement to Accelerate Pipeline

The pressure to make deals close, especially as the year comes to an end, is real. But what’s a marketer to do when prospects fail to progress? According to research by SiriusDecisions, an integrated webinar strategy is one of the best ways to make deals move.

Too often, teams turn to automation to try and nudge opportunities without working through if a contact needs to be nudged in the first place. It’s a spray-and-pray marketing strategy disguised in an algorithm, and it doesn’t deliver the necessary results. To get deals across the finish line, marketers need to move beyond clicks and views and start to empathize with audiences.

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4 Tactical Tips To Enhancing The Customer Journey

As sales and marketing organizations continue to work towards greater alignment to enhance the B2B buying experience, they are not just working to enhance the ways they engage potential clients, but they are also looking for strategies to better retain current clients. Successful teams can navigate the balance between tracking potential clients and retaining current clients, but companies are still looking for ways to be more customer-centric and serve a more seamless customer journey.

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SiriusDecisions Analysts Share How To Address Deal Acceleration Within The Demand Unit Waterfall

The Demand Unit Waterfall is a unique funnel framework from SiriusDecisions that has helped many B2B organizations better understand buying teams within their target accounts. With the growing focus on marketing teams to help drive revenue, companies expect them to help accelerate deals through this funnel and close more business. This, according to expert analysts, requires proper processes and workflows that promote better engagement and insights from key stakeholders.

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