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Brainshark Debuts Sales Coaching and Prospecting Solutions

390179ecd7b740e19f17301845c61dd1Sales enablement solutions provider Brainshark unveiled new offerings designed to increase sales productivity by enhancing coaching and prospecting effectiveness. The company’s new coaching capabilities aim to enable sales managers to train their team, while a new integration with Microsoft Outlook allows reps to find and send sales content within their email.

Brainshark Adds Analytics Updates To Sales Accelerator Platform

analytics dash.pngBrainshark, a sales enablement solutions provider, launched new analytics capabilities as part of its Sales Accelerator platform.

The updates to the Sales Accelerator platform position sales teams to gain insight into how current clients engaged with content during the decision-making process. In addition, the new features are designed to provide metrics on how content is impacting deals that are currently in the pipeline.

The new tools aims to help users answer questions such as:

  • How is sales content being used?
  • Which content is best to use and when?
  • Where in sales cycle does content work best?
  • Which content drives more and bigger deals?

“Sales conversations are no longer limited to what takes place in a meeting room – they’re happening before, during and after that actual meeting,” said Joe Gustafson, CEO of Brainshark. “With the Brainshark Sales Accelerator, content becomes a proxy for being in the room. Managers get to be a fly on the wall, while sales teams have access to insights about engagement they’d never otherwise have – helping them refine strategies and ultimately boost revenues.”

Brainshark Unveils Live Presentation Tool

Brainshark launched Brainshark Live, a tool designed to help sales reps locate sales presentation content and track content performance from within their CRM system.

Available through the company's Sales Accelerator solution, Brainshark Live enables sales reps to access approved presentation content from desktop and mobile devices using Salesforce.

The tool positions sales reps to:

  • Present and project slides from computers, smartphones or tablets with support for animations, speaker notes and annotations;
  • Share slide decks so prospects can view them on-demand and forward them to others.
  • View content analytics, including who watched the presentation, when and for how long; and
  • Broadcast presentations online through Salesforce to enable in-person and remote viewers to participate.

"Often, reps waste time searching for and creating content to present in sales situations, eroding sales productivity," said Greg Flynn, President of Brainshark. "With these expanded capabilities, it’s easier than ever to solve this problem because the right content finds the rep, instead of the other way around. Reps can choose content to share with prospects, content to prepare for conversations and, now, content to present for live sales conversations."

SlideShark Anywhere Available For Windows 8 Tablets, PCs And Macs

brainshark logoBrainshark launched SlideShark Anywhere, which makes SlideShark features accessible from PCs, Macs and Windows 8 tablets.

The platform, which was initially only available on iOS devices, enables users to access, present and share presentations from a wider selection of devices. Presenters are also able to collect data on who attended and for how long, along with which decks and slides were shown.

Brainshark For Offers Salesforce Integration

brainshark logoBrainshark, a cloud-based business presentations solutions provider, launched Brainshark for, on the Salesforce1 AppExchange. The integration with Salesforce is designed to improve sales onboarding, training and prospecting, and accelerate overall sales performance.

Brainshark integrates with through the Salesforce Chatter profile. Once logged in, sales reps can see which Brainshark video-based courses they need to take, helping to streamline and accelerate onboarding.

Brainshark Increases Global Reach With ICT123 Partnership

brainshark logoBrainshark, a cloud-based business presentations solutions provider, has announced that it will partner with IT and telecommunications company ICT123 to offer Brainshark products across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Through the partnership, ICT123 will be reselling Brainshark’s suite of products, which includes Brainshark On-Demand, the Brainshark Content Portal and SlideShark Team Edition.

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