Brainshark Adds Broadcasting Capabilities To SlideShark App

Brainshark SnapshotBrainshark launched SlideShark Broadcasting, which makes it possible for in-person or remote attendees to view presentations in real time and provides presenters with in-depth information about attendees.

 With the launch of SlideShark Broadcasting, presenters using SlideShark on iPads and iPhones can:

  •  Tap within the app to begin broadcasting their live presentations. Presenters each have a unique URL with their username that attendees use to join the broadcast;
  • Invite attendees by email from within the app — either before the presentation starts or even during it — to click the link to join the broadcast;
  • Receive visual alerts when someone enters/exits a broadcast; and
  • Get an in-depth report on who attended the broadcast and for how long.

Detailed Analytics Make Video A Rising Content Star

shutterstock 99799703If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth an inbox full of email, E-books and white papers. B2B marketers have been increasingly adding video to their content playbook as vendors roll out tools that enable them to gather more precise information about not only who downloaded their video, but how long they viewed it, what sections they played back and other unique metrics that marketers can’t track with other types of content.

As executives become more engaged with video, it is becoming a more powerful way for B2B marketers to communicate. The Echo Effect Study 2012 by IDG found that 58% of B2B tech buyers watched videos to find information on products they wish to buy, and 54% watched videos for product reviews. After watching a video, 66% researched a product; 46% visited a vendor web site or contacted a vendor for more information; 42% purchased a product; and 25% added the vendor to the short list for consideration.

Brainshark Announces HTML5 Mobile Player

BrainsharkMobileOnline and mobile video presentations solution provider Brainshark has unveiled the Brainshark Mobile Player, an HTML5-based played designed to offer iOS and Android users a more interactive experience while viewing Brainshark video presentations on mobile devices.

Brainshark says the player will allow organizations to increase their level of engagement with mobile users. Companies can also use the mobile platform to improve the ease and effectiveness of their communications, according to a company press release.

Brainshark Announces Eloqua Integration At #EE12 User Conference

Online and mobile video solutions provider Brainshark today announced the integration of Brainshark Presentations with Eloqua’s marketing automation platform.

The integration allows Eloqua users to access Brainshark online videos to improve the effectiveness of demand generation and other marketing communications, as well as gain insight into how prospects are engaging with content. In addition, Brainshark announced that its solution available through the Eloqua AppCloud.

Interactive Content Platforms Gaining Popularity As Marketers Look For New Engagement Paths

With more messaging being received and content being consumed on mobile devices, marketers are increasingly investing in tools that allow them to engage buyers across channels and platforms.

Recent statistics identify the reasons for this trend: According to Demand Gen Report’s 2012 Content Preferences Study, 84% of executives indicated they now use a laptop most frequently to access business-related content. In addition, 70% said they use a mobile phone to access content, and 49% use a tablet.

DGR TV: Greg Flynn, Brainshark


Greg Flynn, SVP of Products, Brainshark

Following the successful launch of its SlideShark iPad app, Brainshark used Dreamforce to showcase its new SlideShark iPhone app. Greg Flynn, SVP of Products spoke with Demand Gen Report to share how the new app enables sales team to view and show PowerPoints with fonts, animations, graphics and colors intact – while also providing a platform to distribute, track and manage content in the cloud.

Episode Notes:

  • Published in DGR TV

Brainshark Announces Integration With Blackboard Learn For Sales E-Learning Platform

Brainshark, a provider of online and mobile video presentations, recently announced a partnership with enterprise software vendor Blackboard Inc. The deal will integrate the Brainshark content creation tools with Blackboard Learn for Sales, the company's cloud-based learning management solution.

The Brainshark integration will allow Blackboard Learn for Sales users to add voiceovers, along with video clips, survey and test questions, and document attachments to PowerPoint decks and other attachments. Blackboard Learn for Sales users can use the integrated offering to create interactive online and mobile video presentations for corporate e-learning courses.

Brainshark Launches SlideShark App For iPad

Brainshark, Inc, a provider of online and mobile video presentations technology, recently announced SlideShark, an application for showing PowerPoints on the iPad. Available for free in the App Store, the new platform is designed to streamline the importing and viewing of PowerPoints via the Apple device.

As iPad sales surge — increasing 183% year-over-year during Apple’s fiscal third quarter — more companies are deploying them to support sales, marketing, training and other field operations. PowerPoint remains integral to these processes, with more than 30 million presentations created daily, according to Microsoft estimates.

Brainshark Sees Traction In Pharmaceutical, Financial Services Verticals For Mobile Presentation Platform

Brainshark, Inc
., a provider of cloud-based online and mobile presentations, has reported customer growth in new verticals, including pharmaceuticals, technology, insurance and financial services. Companies in these industries are using the SlideShark Team Edition platform for multi-user presentation functionality and to get improved insights into how their users access and interact with content.

Guerbet LLC, U.S. subsidiary of the Guerbet Group, a leading multinational diagnostic imaging company, says it is using SlideShark Team Edition as its primary vehicle for disseminating product marketing materials and messaging, according to a press release. SlideShark provides a flexible platform supporting a range of communication opportunities – helping facilitate one-on-one discussions, as well as larger group presentations, the company said.

Brainshark Connector For Microsoft Dynamics CRM Streamlines Delivery Of Sales Enablement Content

Brainshark, Inc
., a provider of online and mobile video presentations, recently introduced the Brainshark Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Through Brainshark’s integration and partnership with Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics CRM users can take advantage of Brainshark to improve the quality and effectiveness of their sales communications.

Brainshark’s cloud-based software enables organizations to create online video presentations by adding elements such as voice, video clips, survey and test questions, and attachments to PowerPoint decks and other static documents. This video content is then automatically formatted for optimal viewing on desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets.

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