Listen Up! The B2B Marketing Exchange Podcast Is Here

Published: October 9, 2019



You’ve probably already heard about Demand Gen Report’s premiere marketing event, the B2B Marketing Exchange, from your peers and colleagues. You might have even attended in the past — or, better yet, are already registered for the 2020 event. But what if I told you that you don’t have to wait until February 2020 to get your yearly dose of #B2BMX content?

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We recently launched the B2BMX podcast, which was created to bring sessions from our top-selling events from the stage to your ears. Every Wednesday afternoon, we will give you a chance to hear from the crème de la crème in B2B marketing, including key influencers, speakers, industry experts and practitioners who have all taken the stage at B2BMX.

Podcast episodes will feature audio versions of top-rated sessions from our 2019 events (including the first-ever B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange), as well as original interviews with speakers scheduled to take the stage at future events. Let’s just say your morning commute just got a whole lot better.

We’ve already launched three awesome podcast episodes for your listening pleasure. Below is a breakdown of what you’ll hear. And don’t forget to set a reminder to tune into this week’s episode, featuring Chris Mitchell of Carbon Black.

Episode One: Break Free Of Boring B2B Content With Lee Odden

B2B doesn’t need to mean “boring to boring.” However, much of business marketing has earned this reputation. In a world of information overload, buyers expect engaging content from sources they can trust. The solution? Content co-created with industry experts delivered as interactive experiences.

In this episode, TopRank Marketing’s Lee Odden breaks down:

  • Five top interactive formats for B2B;
  • Best practices for influencer content engagement; and
  • How to pull it all together through B2B brand case studies.

Listen here.

Episode Two: ABM Is B2B With Sangram Vajre

There’s perhaps no one more passionate and knowledgeable about marketing transformation than Terminus Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist Sangram Vajre. In this episode, Sangram will help you understand exactly what it takes to succeed with marketing today — and why B2B marketing and sales is broken and how to fix it.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Four best practices businesses must embrace in order to get the most from their marketing efforts;
  • How following a TEAM framework can elevate the results you’re getting, and the new organizational structure that’s needed to support an optimized marketing strategy; and
  • Multiple use cases of handpicked marketing practitioners.

Listen here.

Episode Three: Master An Allbound Strategy With PatientPop

Sales and Marketing need to work TOGETHER for ultimate success. Learn how PatientPop, a practice growth platform for healthcare providers, creates a true lead generation and revenue machine by weaving inbound and outbound methods together.

In this episode, VP of Marketing Jared Jost and VP of Inside Sales Kevin Dorsey share how they work together to tackle direct mail, retargeting, white papers, click campaigns — you name it. Personally, this was one of my favorite sessions from the B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange, so you must check it out!

Listen here.

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