Top 10 Quotes From #COS19

Published: May 8, 2019

This year’s Campaign Optimization Series included nearly a dozen sessions jam packed into one week and filled with tactical takeaways that will help you improve your content strategies, up your direct mail initiatives and create high-converting demand experiences for months to come. Oh, and did we mention there’s a session on Fyre Festival? Yup, we went there.

To help you figure out which on-demand sessions to dive into first, we’ve rounded up the top quotes from the series. So, read on and get ready to binge!

“If you wouldn’t jump into marriage after the first or second date, you can’t expect a prospect to.” — Christine Otsuka, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Uberflip

“As B2B marketers we’re not going to be producing ‘Game of Thrones’ content. [But] we can produce content that has more personal interest to it and that goes through that hero’s journey.” — Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing, Vidyard

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“Direct mail has the unique angle that it’s shared outside of your office and on your social network. That’s a lot farther than we see with other channels. It’s not often that people are screenshotting ads or other channels and posting to social.” — Kris Rudeegraap, Co-Founder and CEO, Sendoso

“Over the past couple of years, B2B marketers have come to realize that ABM is more than just a flashy trend,” said Shaffer. “For many, it has become a critical initiative within the organization, but there are still many questions on how to bring ABM across the entire funnel. To really drive success with ABM, you need to take a full-funnel approach to it.”  Nani Shaffer, Director of Product Marketing, Demandbase

“Finding the right strategies for you demand gen goals and initiatives for the year is a lot like piecing together elements of a crime scene. It’s like piecing together your case. The more time and thought you put into it, the more complex it could get. You have to take into account buyer behaviors, new trends, new tactics.” — Alicia Esposito, Senior Content Strategist, Content4Demand

“I would much rather have 20 solid, prolific, groundbreaking stories than 200 mediocre stories. People will remember the story they can connect with and that pulls their attention — whether it’s from an emotional or business value perspective.” —Cynthia Hester, Sr. Director of Customer Marketing, New Relic, Inc.

“Instead of taking your buyers down a clicking rabbit hole, you can instantly give them the content they asked for [by activating your content]. There are no roadblocks, there is no friction, just uninterrupted access to your content when the buyer wants it.” Evan Doyle, Demand Gen ManagerPathFactory

“Customer stories have a ton of impact internally as well as externally. Whether or not a company leans into customer relationships and the voice of the customer matters greatly to the employees and impacts their likelihood to stay at the company.” — Leela Srinivasan, CMO, SurveyMonkey

“There are a lot of KPIs that are tied to internal politics versus the external results, or even the experience you’re creating for your audience. A lot of that results in us marketing for ourselves versus for our audience because we’re just thinking about the end results versus what are the little, iterative wins we can make with our content as we go and engage with someone as they start to learn more about our company and the problem we’ll solve for them.” — Tessa Barron, Sr. Director of Brand and Communications, ON24

“You might think ‘Fyre Fest doesn’t apply to me,’ but there are some takeaways that can be applied to B2B… The golden rule is not to overpromise. Make sure you’re trying to exceed expectations with your campaigns and marketing initiatives. It can be pretty dangerous to over promise or be over ambitious.” — Andrew Gaffney, Editorial Director, Demand Gen Report

All the Campaign Optimization Series webcasts are now available on-demand. You can access the full lineup here.

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