How Stack Moxie Saved Its Marketing Team 50 Hours Of Manual Effort Per Week

Published: October 4, 2022

Stack Moxie helps automate testing and monitoring across the sales and marketing tech stacks. M.H. Lines, Stack Moxie’s CEO, explained that its customers often missed the real-time notification of testing success or failure, and when they did notice, they only logged into the platform when they received a failure notification.

To help increase engagement and promote more consistent monitoring, Stack Moxie’s marketing team envisioned a customer success campaign that delivered a single view of weekly statistics about the product activity to each user — specifically the account admin.

The Challenge

As a product-led growth company with legacy marketing automation, Stack Moxie faced challenges in executing its weekly digest. Compiling and pulling in product activity data for all users from an organization became a mammoth, manual task for its lean marketing team. Additional challenges included:

  • Bottlenecks due to dependency on developers; and
  • Friction in personalizing emails and scaling up its manual effort to cater to Stack Moxie’s growing customer database.

To show the value of Stack Moxie’s product, the marketing team spent a lot of time identifying the right product events and extracting relevant data. That challenge came with its own complexities, such as dependency on engineering resources to get the data from a product analytics tool or writing SQL queries that fetched data from a database table.

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The company was also struggling to:

  • Identify users from the same organization or team;
  • Target the account admins; and
  • Personalize the weekly or monthly metrics to each account.

One person from Stack Moxie’s marketing team would spend nearly 50 hours every month compiling a list of all organizations from its database, dedupe and extract a final list, match and group users by the organization, fetch their email addresses and run a compilation to match the org IDs in product statistics with the group IDs to generate the metrics matrix.

To summarize, Stack Moxie’s marketing team encountered hurdles in translating the right product events to personalized metrics that visualize value to customers. Additionally, dependency on developers or the data team was a huge clog in the wheel. To help alleviate those issues, the company turned to, a marketing automation platform built for B2B product-led companies.

The Solution

Stack Moxie leveraged Inflection in three key areas:

1. Fetching Product Activity

Stack Moxie tags and pushes its product events to the Snowflake database through Segment. Since Inflection connects with both Segment and Snowflake via an out-of-the-box integration, Stack Moxie can connect Inflection and product activity events quickly.

2. Embedding Value

With Inflection’s token editor, Stack Moxie pulls the product metrics relevant to its customers. At the same time, Inflection reads the person and account information from Stack Moxie’s CRM. The unified product data, user and account information provides a single view of the users to Stack Moxie’s marketing team. With that information in hand, the marketing team can then mobilize it into an email.

3. Scaling Campaigns

Inflection automates the previously manual process of querying data and matching it with account information. For the admin user, the digest email gives an overview of the health of their marketing, sales and revenue tech stacks while saving them from the pain of monitoring individual testing activity and their team’s progress.

The Results

Through those efforts, Stack Moxie’s marketing team was able to:

  • Save more than 50 hours of manual effort each week;
  • Showcase the value realized from their product to admins and organizations by summarizing the key data points;
  • Drive product adoption through their weekly communication to admins with valuable insights and nudging them to log in to the product;
  • Engage their users with a hyper-personalized customer success email digest;
  • Reduce repeated, non-value-add time for Stack Moxie by automating the process and scaling it to their growing user volume; and
  • Provide air support to their customer success (CS) team with deeper insights to identify early signs of churn and see hand-raisers among the accounts to upsell and expand.

“How Inflection enables us to do product-led growth is brilliant,” said Stack Moxie’s Lines. “Stack Moxie’s digest email has been a huge success in driving product adoption and improved customer engagement. We continue to grow and so does our ability to scale marketing and customer success with Inflection.”

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