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Need To Optimize Mobile Deliverability Heightens As Smartphones Expand

With the growth of smartphones and mobile Web usage exploding, email marketers are tasked with the challenge of delivering relevant, rich content to customers that can be read and interpreted over the mobile phone. Industry experts say the design of emails is critical, as the mobile phone offers a different experience that may not be cohesive to the intended message.

The market for smartphones is expected to reach one billion units and grow 1,600% in the next three years, according to research from The Yankee Group. 52% of smartphone users access the same email account through mobile and computer, while 48% maintain a unique mobile email address. “When talking about mobile email, it is important to keep in mind that 96% of consumers access the same accounts on their mobile devices as they are already accessing at work or home on a regular computer,” says Morgan Stewart, Director of Research & Strategy, ExactTarget.

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