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LeadMD Adds Partners to Grow Marketing Automation Services And Offerings


111725 LeadMD Logo highres NEWLeadMD, a provider of marketing automation and CRM consulting services, has announced a number of partnerships to expand its stable of offerings. LeadMD can now offer a suite of services and products, including SEO, content development, various web application integrations and web marketing, said company officials.

Among LeadMD's new partners are:

B2B Buyer Survey Reveals Impact Of Social Media On Vendor Selection Process

B2B buyers are using a wider variety of sources to research their purchases, and social media continues to play a more important role in the purchasing process, according to the 2012 Demand Gen Report B2B Buyer Survey.

The survey, which included more than 170 responses, was designed to gauge the latest trends in how, when and why B2B buyers engage with sellers, move through the marketing process and consume B2B-focused content. This year's study also included a number of questions designed to weigh the impact of social media on the B2B buying process.

Finding The Right Cadence Formula: The Secret Ingredient To Successful Marketing Campaigns

It's no secret that marketing automation is a high-growth industry. Yet it's also clear that many B2B marketers struggle to achieve the ROI they expected to get from their marketing automation investments: According to an often-cited 2011 Focus Research study, half of all companies say they haven't realized the full value of their marketing automation investments.

What separates the successful marketing automation users from the pack? According to many experts, it often boils down to a matter of timing – or, rather, of cadence.

"Cadence is commonly confused with frequency" in marketing campaigns, said Jessica Meher, Head of Enterprise Marketing at HubSpot. "Frequency is simply how many times emails are sent, whereas cadence is the 'pattern' of email – it includes the number of emails sent, the spacing between emails, the content sent, and the audience receiving the email."

NetFactor Rolls Out Update To FormIQ Prospect Intelligence Platform

formIQ_Full_ScreenOver the past few years, a number of vendors have built solutions that append and expand upon the data entered in traditional web forms. This includes netFactor, whose formIQ service uses behavioral tracking, analytics and third-party databases to create a more detailed picture of an inbound lead.

FormIQ includes a wealth of lead contact and profile data, including social media handles. It provides information about the prospect's current on-site behavior (such as page views and time on site) along with long-term site visit data, search keywords used, and referring web sites. The formIQ solution also presents detailed company background information, geo-location data based on the user's IP address, and information on the visitor's previous work history and job titles, when the information is available from third-party sources.

Study Finds That Marketing Automation Is A High Priority For SMB Firms

A new study finds that marketing automation technology is increasingly important to the SMB market – and that early adopters aren’t just the only ones benefitting from the trend.

The study, conducted by Techaisle, found that 28% of mid-sized firms with 100-999 employees currently use marketing automation technology, and 10% of small firms with less than 100 employees use marketing automation. Another 36% percent of the SMBs surveyed said they plan to use a marketing automation solution, and marketing automation is now one of the top 10 technology investments for SMBs.

Both small and mid-sized firms reported that they use marketing automation primarily to identify new customers, generate additional revenue from current customers and better manage their demand generation activities.

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