Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation Make a Great Team

greg-headBy Greg Head, CMO, Infusionsoft

Inbound marketing attracts traffic with great content that gets found, educates and is worthy of spreading. Marketing automation continues the conversation with subscribers, prospects and customers, primarily through email marketing. 

Sounds simple, right? Not if you are keeping up with industry discussions.

Infusionsoft Acquires CustomerHub

, a provider of sales and marketing software for small businesses, recently announced its acquisition of CustomerHub, a web-based application designed to provide membership site and customer portal platform to small businesses that market and sell content online. One of the top app integrations in the Infusionsoft marketplace, CustomerHub is designed to allow users to share unlimited password-protected content with subscribers.

Infusionsoft serves more than 7,500 small business customers with software to manage CRM, email marketing and e-commerce, as well as automation to nurture and convert leads.

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