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Marketing Performance Metrics 2.0: B2B Brands Focus On Pipeline Velocity, Activity Across Buying Stages And Campaigns

Marketing performance measurement is an ongoing challenge for many B2B brands. For example, our research shows 87% of B2B companies ranked marketing measurement and reporting as a growing priority, but more than half (58%) said their current ability to track marketing performance “needs improvement” or worse. Progressive companies such as Iron Mountain and ServiceMax are succeeding by moving beyond baseline metrics to analyze pipeline velocity and track marketing performance across various stages and campaigns.

GDPR Aftershocks Show Big Impact On Contact Databases, Leading Marketers To Focus On Content Syndication, Inbound Strategies

The initial focus around the May 2018 GDPR deadline for most B2B organizations was what steps they need to take to be compliant. Now almost six months after the deadline many brands are seeing and feeling the effects on their database, with some seeing their usable contact lists dropping by more than 50% after double opt-ins and other compliance steps were added for EU contacts. Given the significant dent to outbound lists, many marketers have responded by ramping up content syndication and other inbound tactics.

Iron Mountain’s Leslie Alore To Unveil Account-Based Marketing Lies At #B2BMX

Leslie picAccount-based marketing (ABM) is easily the biggest B2B marketing buzzword that came out of 2016. This can be a good and bad thing for B2B organizations looking to implement it into their day-to-day initiatives. The good thing is that all the articles, content and social discussions show that people want to learn more about ABM and how it can impact their business. However, all this noise in the space can be confusing for fledgling ABMers to navigate.

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