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Rise Of Millennial Buyers Pushes Marketers To Reevaluate Traditional Tactics

Millennials have long been disparaged and dismissed as “lazy and self-centered.” But marketers can no longer afford to overlook Millennials, who now comprise the largest generation in the workforce, according to the Pew Research Center, and are positioned to influence B2B purchasing decisions, according to insight from Forrester and LinkedIn. Progressive B2B companies, such as Oracle + Bronto and The Pedowitz Group, are rethinking their marketing strategies to include mobile-friendly, highly-visual content that caters to Millennial preferences.

GDPR Countdown: Experts Sound Off On Last-Minute Preparations

The countdown to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliancy deadline is on. In T-minus 35 days, any company that has business relations with residents in the European Union is required to be GDPR-compliant — all in an effort to give EU citizens more control over their personal data.

Are You Leaving Money On The Trade Show Floor?

1zuantDVTrade shows are having a dramatic revival, which is great news for marketing and sales. Why this resurgence? One word: Efficiency. Consider how selling has changed over the past two decades. Before today’s high-speed digital age, sales was typically a drawn out process. An inquiry call came in, perhaps as a response to a print ad in a trade publication. A brochure was mailed with a neatly typed cover letter. Next, a sales rep would make a follow-up call to set an appointment, which may have been the first of many face-to-face meetings to finally get the order.

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