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How Enterprise Companies Need To Step Up Or Risk Falling Behind

1gabeinsidesalesOur company,, recently released the results of a survey of 1,151 companies in 28 countries. The report, in partnership with the Association of Professional Sales (APS), American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) and Top Sales World, was called the State of Sales. It analyzed three different elements of a sales team: structure, systems and people. The findings were quite broad, but of particular interest to me were the areas in which enterprise companies are out of date, yet quickly catching up to avoid being left behind.

Why Are B2B Companies Moving Inside Sales To The Marketing Department?

Matt GingerichData is radically changing the role of the inside sales rep, especially in B2B companies.  The influx of data is driving inside sales to function as a key point of alignment with, if not an extension of, the marketing team at some companies. This poses a provocative question: if the lines between marketing and inside sales are blurring, who’s the real boss when it comes to inside sales, the CMO or the CRO/Head of Sales?

B2B Inside Sales Teams Leverage Social, Video And Data To Reach Top Prospects

The image of the B2B sales rep flying around the country to make in-person presentations — followed by long lunches with prospects — is fading. While most experts aren’t predicting the total elimination of B2B field sales reps, leading organizations such as Cox Media, Betts Recruiting and DoubleDutch are using tools such as social data mining, predictive technologies, video emails and more to bolster the success of their inside sales teams.

3 Ways To Drive Product Adoption In The Cloud

Marcel Florez HeadshotFor cloud service providers, healthy recurring revenue streams depend on user adoption and utilization. Not only does this engagement expand the scope of service to more users, it reduces churn — after all, companies are less likely to abandon a platform the entire staff is actively using.

Televerde Expands With European Office

televerde placeit imageTeleverde announced plans to open a European office, a move designed to help current B2B clients expand internationally and enable Europe-based companies to accelerate revenue growth through demand generation and inside sales solutions.

Conversica’s Artificial Intelligence For Lead Engagement

Conversica placeitConversica is an artificial intelligence (AI) solution designed to help marketing, inside sales and sales organizations engage prospects with the highest propensity to buy.


The solution’s artificial intelligence is positioned to initiate email conversations and analyze replies by automatically extracting information and interpreting the lead’s intention and sentiment.

Conversica is designed to optimize email marketing, enhance lead management and prevent lost leads to maximize sales and revenue.


Conversica is compatible with Salesforce, Eloqua and Marketo.


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Competitive Positioning

The solution intends to identify high-value prospects among thousands of inbound leads. Using text analysis, Conversica can nurture leads throughout the buyer's journey with minimal human intervention.

While the solution can continuously engage prospects, the AI technology can also measure intention and sentiment to identify leads that are uninterested and remove them from further campaigns.

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Study: Only 10% Of Large Tech Company Sales Teams Are Inside Sales Reps

ZS Associates logoWhile 40% of large technology companies plan to increase their inside sales headcount by 2016, inside sales reps currently make up only 10% of these companies' sales teams. By comparison, inside sales reps make up 55% of the overall sales teams at small businesses and startups.

These are just a few of the findings of a recent study conducted by ZS Associates. The survey was conducted alongside Reality Works Group, an inside sales strategy and implementation consultancy.

The Rise Of Inside Sales Is Shaking Up The Sales Pipeline

Inside Sales imageTraditionally, the inside salesperson has been a junior staffer who does some of the legwork and generates leads for the more seasoned field sales professionals, who close the deals. That role is rapidly changing, and many inside salespeople are more technically savvy than some of their more experienced counterparts. Even the title “inside sales rep” is evolving, with many organizations now referring to this role as business development representative.

There is a move toward inside sales professionals who make calls from their offices but also travel outside to visit prospects and sometimes even have a hand in closing deals. Industry observers say that this new breed of salesperson is adept at using the variety of technology available — from live video conferencing to social media and text messaging — to connect with prospects.

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