B2B Marketers Step Up Localization Initiatives To Support Global Expansion

The intersecting trends of globalization and digitization are driving the need for accurate and culturally appropriate translations. B2B companies are often approaching this challenge with improvised methods that result in bottlenecks and poorly translated content. Therefore, progressive B2B companies are streamlining their localization strategies to maximize engagement with a global audience.

Top Priorities For 2018 Marketing Strategies Emerge As Leaders Address AI, ABM, Localization & Attribution

For many marketers, the Fall brings a mixed bag of analyzing and fine-tuning their current campaigns to try and close out the year as strong as possible, while also building budgets and identifying new plans and programs for when the calendar flips to 2018.

To better understand which tools and tactics leading B2B marketers are planning to prioritize for the coming year, we got a sneak peek at the content and presentations from our upcoming Strategy & Planning Series. The week-long series (Oct. 30-Nov. 3, 2017), will feature 12 sessions with industry leading speakers from Heinz Marketing, Ingram Micro, The MX Group and Sage Software, who will review their top successes so far in 2017 and also share new models, tools and tactics they are planning to roll out in 2018.

Global Marketing Success Requires Local Authenticity

MotionPoint headshot1Thanks to skyrocketing internet adoption rates around the world, more companies than ever are expanding into global markets through online channels. Unfortunately, many of them are learning that a one-size-fits-all marketing approach often doesn’t fit at all.

There’s a Language for That: Translating Mobile Apps And Content

1newjudd“There’s an app for that,” promised Apple’s famous slogan from the early days of the iPhone. While this was once a disruptive, head-turning concept, today it’s…well, pretty much true. Apps have taken over our lives, not just filling up our phones but also our televisions, computers, tablets, cars and more. Anything with a screen is pretty much fair game.

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