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Adobe Unveils Expanded CDP Platform For B2B Companies

Adobe is expanding the capabilities of its Real-Time Customer Data Platform to help B2B brands coordinate account-based experiences at scale through customer insights across various channels.

Slated to launch early next year, the update aims to provide B2B brands with the customer experience insights to create and manage their workflows and data, allowing marketers to connect Adobe’s data to enrich and update account profiles. B2B brands can also combine multiple account records under a unified profile, providing them with all the critical information about any given account.

Adobe believes that B2B marketers can use this data to inform their account-based efforts, improving account engagement and faster sales cycles by meeting customer expectations.

“Having access to unified account profiles is a game-changer for B2B brands and is a capability that customers have been asking for,” said Brian Glover, Director of Product Marketing at Marketo Engage, Adobe, in a blog post. “The expanded B2B capabilities will enable brands to combine multiple account records into a single account profile that updates in real-time and provides all the critical account-level information needed to provide the best account-based experience possible. Customers will be able to view unified account details, attributes, people, opportunities and more.”