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Bizible Debuts Revenue Planning Product With Machine Learning

Bizible announced it has launched a revenue planning solution that incorporates machine learning capabilities. The new solution, which relies on proprietary algorithms, enables B2B marketers to do channel mix modeling and forecasting dynamically using historical data and various “what if scenarios.”

Several customers, including TIBCO, have been testing the product for the past few months, the company said. Thomas Been, CMO at TIBCO said the planning tool has given him “a new avenue to incorporate more predictability into our planning process and add the flexibility to scenario plan against changes in budgets, the market and buyer behavior.”

“We're bringing data across every stage of the buying funnel to help users measure [their efforts],” Dave Rigotti, Bizible’s VP of Marketing, told Demand Gen Report. “We’re taking a format everyone is familiar with and putting the power of machine learning behind it, along with infinitely better data to [help our customers] gain more value out of attribution and forecasting initiatives.”