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Bizo Unveils Company Targeting And CRM Retargeting Solutions At #DF12

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, a business audience marketing company, yesterday introduced two new solutions aimed to help business marketers more efficiently pinpoint and reach specific prospects online: 1) Bizo Company Targeting; and 2) Bizo CRM Retargeting. Bizo unveiled these new solutions during Dreamforce 2012.

The Bizo Company Targeting solution enables marketers to run focused online campaigns against their targeted accounts, nurturing employees at a target prospect organization wherever they travel across the web. In addition, marketers can use this platform to connect with existing customers through new products and services.

With Bizo CRM Retargeting marketers can to target online display ads to prospects that already are in the company’s CRM or Marketing Automation system, while continuously nurturing the leads that they’ve already invested to capture. The goal of the Bizo CRM Retargeting solution is to keep a client’s message and brand top of mind between email blasts and other communications, while moving prospects farther along in the funnel to a conversion.

"The future of online marketing is one where web site, display, search, CRM, social and email lead nurturing programs are all integrated and automated,” noted Russell Glass, CEO of Bizo, “and marketers measure true attribution and ROI back to individual prospects in the CRM database. By enabling marketers to deliver targeted and coordinated messages to prospects as they move through the sales cycle, Bizo is helping make the future of integrated marketing a reality."

Bizo is also developing integrations with CRM and marketing automation systems which will be rolled out in the coming months.