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Bombora & LiveRamp Join Forces To Help Marketers Reach SMBs

LiveRamp, an identity resolution service and data onboarding platform, has teamed up with intent data provider Bombora to launch a solution designed to improve the connection between B2B marketers and SMB prospects via digital channels.

With the combination of Bombora’s B2B data expertise and LiveRamp’s identity resolution and data stewardship capabilities, the partnership aims to help marketers target and identify an audience of SMBs with an intent to purchase products or services using behavioral signals and data science.

“SMBs are a historically challenging industry segment to target, and traditional techniques are static in nature and geographically constrained,” said Pieter De Temmerman, COO of LiveRamp, in a statement. “By partnering with Bombora, we can now empower B2B marketers to focus their efforts on companies more likely to complete the purchase process.”