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Brainshark Acquires Rekener to Deliver Data-Driven Sales Readiness Platform

Sales readiness platform Brainshark announced its acquisition of Rekener, a data-driven sales coaching platform. The company stated that this acquisition aims to provide more visibility into sales team productivity and assist customers in making more valuable connections.

“We’re joining forces with Brainshark so sales managers can use data to diagnose what’s working and what’s not working, and then motivate sales reps to improve with training and coaching from Brainshark’s world-class readiness platform,” said Alex Laats, Co-Founder and CEO of Rekener in a statement. “The end result is better quota achievement and increased revenue production.”

The Rekener technology will add to Brainshark’s solutions for sales onboarding, sales coaching, content authoring and more, plus dashboards and analytics that track overall readiness across the entire sales force. Organizations will be able to identify sales performance challenges early and address them via Brainshark’s training and coaching solutions.

“Rekener marks a significant milestone in our continued efforts to deliver the most valued readiness solutions on the market, and to help organizations make meaningful connections between readiness and revenue,” said Greg Flynn, Co-Founder and CEO at Brainshark in a statement.