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Clari To Acquire Groove, Integrate Offerings

Clari, an AI-powered revenue platform, revealed that it’s acquiring Groove, a sales engagement suite, to create a complete revenue platform that seeks to execute all internal and external revenue workflows.

Clari plans to integrate Groove’s offerings into its platform to help provide revenue teams with real-time insights and suggested actions across every revenue workflow to create and convert more pipeline, while company leaders can see every input, tie every activity to results and better predict revenue outcomes. The combined offering will be powered by Clari’s RevDB platform, which the company claims is the world’s largest revenue database.

“Most CEOs have a tough time answering the most important question in business: ‘Will we meet, beat or miss on revenue?’” said Clari CEO Andy Byrne, in a statement. “By bringing together Clari and Groove, revenue leaders can implement their revenue collaboration and governance strategy across all internal and external workflows, giving them full visibility and control over the company's most important business process — revenue.”