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ClearSlide Launches New Sales Content Recommendation Engine

Sales engagement platform provider ClearSlide has announced the launch of Orion, a functionality designed to guide sales reps to relevant content that enables their efforts within ClearSlide, Outlook, Gmail and Salesforce. Orion aims to provide sales leaders with the tools they need to manage their sales processes, and marketers with insight into the content sales reps use and how customers respond.

The release includes a new Content Hub that can help align marketing and sales enablement and map out personalized content recommendations based on sales staff, segment, geography, industry, product line, competitors and more. In addition, users can access real-time engagement insights and leader insights dashboards.

“With average B2B sales quota attainment at historically low levels, sales and marketing leaders must ensure prospects and customers deliver strong value propositions utilizing integrated systems of engagement, like ClearSlide, to delight customers and earn their business,” said Dustin Grosse, CEO of ClearSlide, in a statement. “Orion brings critical new functionality to embed ClearSlide content recommendations and actionable insight into every customer conversation, so customers have amazing experiences with sales and services professionals.”