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ConnectLeader Unveils Predictive Intelligence Engine For Outbound Sales Initiatives

1connectleaderSales acceleration technology provider ConnectLeader has launched Adaptilytics, a predictive intelligence engine for sales reps to analyze, prioritize and score prospects. The new feature is designed to enable users to customize the prediction algorithm based on data insights.

The solution prioritizes prospecting lists based on data insights, including:

  • Preferred technology installed;
  • Intent to buy activities;
  • Availability of direct dial numbers;
  • Data integrity (the ability to validate new and complete information); and
  • Best time to call.

“The majority of an outbound callers’ prospecting time is wasted on manually dialing incorrect numbers, in an attempt to reach contacts — if they are still with the company — only to ask annoying profiling questions,” said Senraj Soundar, Founder and CEO of ConnectLeader, in a statement. “Adaptilytics addresses this long-standing issue by prioritizing prospects using the most relevant and accurate contact data in an easy-to-use format. This process helps increase the number of meaningful sales conversations as well as improves the number of qualified leads entering the pipeline.”