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DataMentors Launches Cloud For Real-Time Marketing Automation

shutterstock 228085534Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider DataMentors has launched a Marketing Cloud intended to provide marketers with first- and third-party data and analytical insights to create accurate customer journeys and target buyers based on where they are in their buying decision.

The DataMentors Marketing Cloud is designed to collect customer data from sales, marketing and customer service operations to personalize content at each stage of the buying journey. The suite provides real-time integrations with over 500 digital technologies, enabling marketers to unify, manage and schedule data flows for any channel.

"To improve marketing KPIs and ROI, companies have to utilize visual data discovery and customer journey marketing automation to optimize every customer touch point," said Anders Ekman, President of DataMentors, in a statement. "The DataMentors Marketing Cloud simplifies this process for today's marketers."