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DemandJump Unveils Account-Based Attribution Tool

DemandJump, a marketing insights and attribution platform, unveiled a new Account-Based Attribution solution to enable marketing and sales teams to measure buyer activity at various touchpoints and determine which touchpoints drive revenue.

Account-Based Attribution aims to provide marketing and sales teams with end-to-end visibility of their sales funnels and touchpoints to better tie leads, revenue and return on ad spend back to individual channels, ads, events, campaigns, sources, etc. These insights will help marketers and salespeople attribute their touchpoint data to target accounts, allowing them to determine which areas drive target account interaction and revenue.

Additional features include:

  • An omnichannel view of all activities that drive revenue across platforms;
  • Interactive dashboards that provide a bird’s eye view of account data;
  • Attribution windows that allow users to measure and attribute activity instantly for shorter and longer sales cycles;
  • A side-by-side attribution model that compares the effectiveness of single-touch, multi-touch and data-driven algorithmic attribution models;
  • AI-powered recommendations to help users make decisions that improve outcomes;
  • Contact-to-opportunity mapping designed to improve attribution data quality in a timely manner; and
  • The ability to measure physical and virtual event performance for accurate attribution.

“Our AI-powered approach, the deep integrations we have with each ad platform and CRM to centralize all data, and our rich platform capabilities, are providing marketers with visibility they’ve simply never had before — not only for their marketing channels and campaigns but keywords, organic search terms, individual blogs, broadcast, TV & Radio ad spots, marketing events, offline sources and so much more,” said Shawn Schwegman, CSO at DemandJump, in a statement. “To measure performance past a lead or form submission, all the way down to actual revenue impact is, well, a game-changer for B2B marketers.”