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Engagio Partners With Bombora To Operationalize Intent Data

B2B marketing engagement software provider Engagio has partnered with Bombora, a provider of B2B intent data. The product integration positions both companies to combine first-party engagement data with third-party intent insight to help clients measure demand for accounts, prioritize actions by sales teams and orchestrate plays across channels.

The partnership aims to help marketers with capabilities to drive revenue, including:

  • Launching multichannel plays for in-market accounts;
  • Identifying opportunities to boost post-sale expansion with new products;
  • Sending alerts to the sales team when accounts show purchase intent; and
  • Mapping where accounts are in the buying journey.

“With our integration with Bombora, marketers now have the ability to make intent data instantly actionable by combining it with our engagement data and multichannel orchestration capabilities,” said Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio, in a statement. “We are thrilled that this partnership allows our customers to take advantage of intent data in a seamless way so they can win new business and drive account growth at scale.”

According to the company, Engagio customers can now select up to 50 topics to track and will receive up to 10 in-market accounts a week for free. Engagio customers with a paid Bombora subscription will automatically receive all the benefits of the integration for all of their accounts.

“B2B brands are adopting intent data en masse because the ROI is proven,” said Erik Matlick, CEO and Co-founder of Bombora, in a statement. “Having the best quality data, however, is not enough. The ability to act on — and truly operationalize — intent data is a prerequisite to improving sales and marketing performance. Our integration with Engagio brings that capability to the forefront and is a leap forward for the market.”