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EverString Unveils Machine Learning- And AI-Powered Data Platform

EverString, a marketing and sales intelligence company, announced the launch of a new Data Platform designed to give B2B sales, marketing, operations and analytics teams company intelligence to make better business decisions.

The company stated that the platform combines machine learning and AI to help keep contact, firmographic, technographic and intent insights up to date in real time. This information can then be used by marketing teams to gain a clearer picture of their total addressable market, assist sales prospecting with AI and accelerate pipeline. The platform is also designed to automatically identify problematic data and apply machine learning to improve system-wide accuracy.

EverString stated that the new Data Platform positions B2B companies to better tackle tasks such as:

  • Identifying and monitoring the buying intent of companies that are researching products, services and competitors;
  • Growing databases with accurate data on relevant prospects;
  • Prioritizing pipeline to focus time and resources on high-value prospects; and
  • Automating target account selection and customizing ABM outreach.

"We've learned through our experience working with hundreds of global companies that for sales, marketing, operations and analytics teams to achieve meaningful results from their data, they need coverage, accuracy and depth," said J.J. Kardwell, CEO and Co-founder of EverString, in a statement. "Machine learning and AI can be very powerful, but results won't be optimal if the data going into these systems is low quality."