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Five9 Launches AI-Powered Solution To Improve CX

Source: Five9 Source: Five9

Five9, a cloud contact center software, has released Five9 Genius, a new solution designed to personalize and enhance the customer experience via artificial intelligence (AI).

The new solution aims to use the Five9 Natural Language Processing system and third-party engines like Salesforce Einstein and IBM Watson to gather customer intent data, such as search history and previous interactions.

Five9 Genius is positioned to analyze the data to identify a customer’s issue and then route the customer to the correct marketing or sales representative for next steps. Five9 Genius aims to prepare representatives to take rapid, appropriate action on a customer’s issue by providing the assigned representatives with relevant customer information and suggested actions.

“A human touch will always be a crucial component of the contact center and vital for truly amazing customer experiences,” said Gaurav Passi, EVP of Products and Technology at Five9, in a statement to Demand Gen Report. “With this release, enterprises are armed with the latest insights to better understand the customer and their issues, determine sentiment and intent and efficiently route their request. Five9 Genius supports businesses on their path to digital transformation by giving them a dynamic technology that can consume data, learn patterns and adapt actions all in real time, yet maintain the personalized touch only a human agent can provide.”