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HG Insights Integrates With LinkedIn To Help Marketers Deliver Relevant Ads

Source: HG Insights Source: HG Insights

HG Insights, a technology intelligence provider, released HG for LinkedIn, an integration with LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences API that is positioned to help digital marketers better target prospects through the use of technology filters.

The integration aims to enable advertisers to utilize HG Insights’ technology profile data to create targeted campaigns directed at companies that are using competing or complementary technologies. This way, advertisers can deliver their message to the best fit audience on LinkedIn and generate a more rewarding ad spend.

HG for LinkedIn’s precision technology can be used for multiple purposes, including:

  • Competitive Takeout: companies can target their ads to their competitor’s customers directly and show how their solution is a better fit for solving their current challenges;
  • Interoperability: marketers can display ads to companies using technology that connects to and exchanges information with their product, underlining how they can integrate and improve their existing solution;
  • Initiatives and Priorities: companies can zero in on organizations with certain priorities and initiatives by analyzing the technologies they currently utilize; and
  • Hyper-Targeted Audiences: marketers can build campaign segments based on technographic profiles.

“HG for LinkedIn is the easiest way for digital marketing professionals to deliver their message to the right audience on LinkedIn,” said John Connell, Executive Vice President of Digital at HG Insights, in a statement. “Not only does HG Insights help companies be more effective with their advertising on the LinkedIn platform, it also allows businesses to maximize their ad spend since they are able to use our technology intelligence to define their audiences much more precisely.”