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HubSpot Expands Google Cloud Partnership To Grow International Cloud Infrastructure

HubSpot announced that it has expanded its partnership with Google to support the company’s international cloud infrastructure. The partnership is designed to help fuel HubSpot’s product growth in the region, along with positioning customers with enhanced data security and expanded Google integrations.

With the expanded partnership, HubSpot will use the Google Cloud Platform in the Frankfurt region to support local customer data, as well as provide outage and data protection as needed. In addition to increased data security for HubSpot customers, the new partnership positions the company to invest more in its current Google Cloud product integrations and accelerate the growth of HubSpot’s CRM offering.

“Our choice to use Google Cloud for our international cloud infrastructure is an investment in best-in-class technologies to support the rich systems that make up HubSpot’s software,” said Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot, in a statement. “Given our existing successful integrations with both AdWords and G Suite, this move is another meaningful step forward in our strategic partnership with Google Cloud. We look forward to working more closely with the Google team to better serve our customers."