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IBM Releases Voice-, Text-Enabled Assistant For Marketing Campaigns

Source: IBM Source: IBM

IBM announced the general availability of Watson Assistant for Marketing, an AI-powered assistant that aims to help marketers improve campaign management and streamline analytics. The announcement was made at MarTech East, which was held October 1-3 in Boston.

Watson Assistant is linked to the Watson Campaign Automation platform and is positioned to help users with queries on their email and digital marketing campaigns. It includes voice and text capabilities that enable marketers to ask questions and receive immediate responses, as well as reports and analytics on campaign performance.

“Marketers have the burden of becoming smarter and faster — in a never-ending pursuit of creating memorable, high-impact customer experiences,” said Mark Simpson, VP of Offering Management and Strategy at IBM, in a blog. “[Watson Assistant] allows marketers to replace lengthy query building and endless spreadsheets with a simple, interactive AI-powered conversation and helps teams work smarter with data.”