Infer's Net-New Leads Solution Identifies Account Intent

  • Written by Steve Scafidi
  • Published in News Briefs

Infer, a predictive applications provider, unveiled a new solution designed to increase conversion rates for cold accounts and use customized predictive models to identify high-quality leads.

The Net-New Leads solution blends market intelligence with predictive analytics through partnerships with data providers such as InsideView. This insight positions sales and marketing teams with new target accounts that have a higher propensity to buy. The solution intends to save businesses time and money by pushing pre-qualified contacts into Salesforce databases.

“Most list buys get a bad rap because they’re expensive and require you to sift through tens of thousands of cold leads — often making your reps waste time on outreach and research just to find out that the majority of the leads are duds," said Vik Singh, co-founder and CEO of Infer. "With our Net-New Leads solution, however, we’re short circuiting that process by helping marketers and sales teams identify their pocket of high quality new targets immediately.”