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LinkedIn Releases Updated Campaign Manager To Deliver Full-Funnel Experience

Source: LinkedIn Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn has added three new objectives to its redesigned Campaign Manager, which are positioned to better align companies with their campaign goals and provide a full-funnel marketing experience.

The objectives include:

  • Brand awareness: users can increase share-of-voice for their products or services through top-of-funnel campaigns that charge by impressions (such as cost per thousand or CPM);
  • Website conversions: companies can create campaigns that are optimized for specific website actions, including downloads, purchases and event registrations with LinkedIn’s conversion tracking tool; and
  • Job applicants: LinkedIn Talent Solutions customers who want to drive applications on LinkedIn or their own website can create ads with Campaign Manager.

With the updated Campaign Manager, LinkedIn has also optimized its click pricing to coincide with the objectives that companies are seeking to fulfill. For example, if a company selects “website visits” as its objective, they will only be charged for clicks that go to their landing page. For social engagement campaigns, pricing will be optimized for all social actions, such as likes, comments and shares.